Film Review: Lava (2014)

Film: Lava (2014)
Director: James Ford Murphy

Short and sweet with a catchy tune, as with most Pixar productions, one that both children and adults can Lava *shameless pun*. Lava is a full on grizzly beard (5/5).

Right… my first review, and I’ve kept it short. Well, the film I’m reviewing is a short, and it isn’t a new short. As you’ll come to notice, my reviews will cover newer releases but I’m not holding back on the older ones either!

We (me and the better half) have recently started delving into the Disney collection on Now TV and re-stumbled upon Pixar’s 7 minutes of fiery goodness that is Lava (2014) directed by James Ford Murphy.

As has been Pixar tradition for some time now, when a new feature length film is on the horizon we can pretty much guarantee a Pixar short to accompany it. Lava was one such short first shown back in 2014 at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival and then attached to the theatrical release of Inside Out (2015).

The film tells a love story of a lonely volcano longing for love… but I’m not going to say anything more about the story than that, it’s less than 7 minutes long for goodness sake! If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it!

Lava is a visually gorgeous piece of work by Pixar, make sure you see the full version of the short as the edited lyric video on YouTube doesn’t do it justice. Visuals aside, the one thing that clings to you like a lovesick volcano’s burning hot lava is the beautifully written and performed song that spans the film. Written by Murphy and performed by Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Grieg, it perfectly compliments the emotional ups and downs of the story and you’ll easily find yourself singing along after a couple of viewings.

In my opinion, as much as I enjoyed Inside Out, when I left the cinema that night back in 2015, it was Lava that left the lasting impression, one that both me and TBH have loved revisiting these last few days.

Lava is out now and available to watch on Now TV, Sky Cinema Disney and YouTube (edited lyric video).