News: Mulder and Scully Return

What better way to start off my blog than to delve in to a childhood obsession of mine that still continues to this day, The X-Files!

Yes, they’re back… but not for a new TV series (I’m still hoping), but as an upcoming picture book aimed at children, ‘The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird’ (Kim Smith).

From the excerpts released via Entertainment Weekly, Mulder and Scully encounter all kinds of strangeness while camping during a sleepover, adoping their classic approach to the unexplained.

Me and a group of friends were obsessed with the The X-Files, even so much as to go out looking for aliens, ghost and werewolves… we didn’t find any. I love this idea though, maybe this will start a flurry of other classic TV series being made into children’s books!

I’m really looking forward to it being released, I think I’ll be enjoying this one more than our little ‘un.

The book is due to hit internet bookshelves on 29th August 2017 and is available to pre-order on

Source: EW